affordable new career

With night classes, you can keep your day job and start a new career at up to 1/3 the cost of other dental assistant training.

dental assistants earn $35,000 to $50,000 a year

I really felt very confident in the teacher’s ability and I could tell that they genuinely cared about your progress. I got a Dental Assistant Job Offer before graduation!

adrienne m.

how much is the program?

We’re passionate about making professional Dental Assisting training accessible to everyone who has a real desire to begin a new professional career.

how much is the vail valley program?

While other Dental Assisting Programs can cost up to $15,000, you can attend Vail Valley for four payments of only $1282.25.

how does the payment plan work?

To assist students who are unable to pay full tuition up front, we offer an interest-free easy installment plan. These terms include all related fees are available to all students who need assistance.

The best part about class was when we cleaned each other’s teeth. I had the best time and laughed so much. I got a job offer at graduation and I am very excited. The teachers were very receptive to questions that each student had and that made learning much easier.

lucinda l.

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