success stories

I really felt that the dental assisting school teachers went above and beyond when teaching. I even got a job offer at graduation! I loved that we had one-on-one time too. I really loved everything about this dental assistant class.

Cinthia S.

I really felt very confident in the teacher’s ability and I could tell that they genuinely cared about your progress. I got a Dental Assistant Job Offer before graduation!

Adrienne M.

They always made sure that we understood the lectures and labs. I also feel that the externship is something that I’m glad that we have to do because you get to see all the procedures taking place. My favorite part about Vail Valley Dental Assisting School was the labs and hands-on experience. I really feel that the teachers cared about our understanding of the materials.

missy d.

I really felt that the externship helped reinforce the information that I learned in class. I believe that I have the dental assistant skills and it shows because I got a job offer prior to graduation.I really loved the fact that the labs were very hands on and that the teachers were straightforward with everything.

Christy J.

I am very thankful to have a school, teachers, and team that inspires you every class.All the hands-on labs we did were really helpful, along with being able to contact teachers 24/7. The teachers were amazing!

osiris a.

I loved every dental assistant lab that we did but especially taking impression and doing temporary crowns. I received a job offer at graduation and I can’t wait to put my education to work. I really thought that the teachers cared about the students and the progress that was being made each class.

perla g.

I really felt the dental assistant externships were so much fun. They truly helped me in the long run. One of my favorite parts of the class were the labs. The hands-on is better than learning from books. Our teachers were really amazing and I want to say to the to keep doing what they are doing because it is working

Quianna C.

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