We’re here to answer any questions you may have with complete transparency.

How long is the program? 

The program is a fast paced, 13-week lecture and lab course.

Is it mostly team driven or directed by the doctor?

While each doctor is different with their level of interest, most programs are run completely by DA’s and RDH’s. 

Will the curriculum meet all of our state requirements? 

We will look up your territory and state prior to starting the process. If your territory is unavailable, we will let you know. (This may be due to another doctor securing the territory or the state not allowing DA schools.) 

Will the assistant have CPR, X-ray certification, and Nitrous certification?

X-ray and CPR certification is given. Nitrous is too state specific to offer it in this course.

Is this a franchise? Why pay the $799 yearly fee?

No, it is not a franchise, but an IP (intellectual property) territory. This fee maintains that no other doctor’s office in your territory can purchase our program. It also includes updates to the curriculum as they become available.

What is the overhead on this program and how quickly do I recoup my investment?

Most offices that purchase the program range from 20-50% overhead dependent on pay of the team, marketing efforts, and number of students per class. With an average of $2200-$5100/student fee for tuition, ROI is often within the first class. You must base your price on need and what other schools in the area cost.

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